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Sustainable and Organic

At Matter Clothing we have moved all new products to a sustainable solution. all clothing will be made from organic cotton and recycled clothing

Who is Matter Clothing

Hey, we’re George and Charlie and we own and run Matter Clothing™. We started Matter because we wanted to create a brand centred around activewear that’s both comfortable and soft - a brand that, when you buy something from them, you know will not only look great, but feel great, too. We both spend the majority of our time taking part in extreme sports, and have found we couldn’t shake the feeling we'd be having an even better time if what we were wearing was more comfortable. It might seem small, but it’s something that we realised really mattered to us (hence the name - get it?). So go forth and take a look at what we’ve created, and you can rest assured, these clothes are going to make your soul smile.