Matter Clothing - Matter Clothing’s Top 10 Best Cycling Routes in East Anglia


With spring pretty much here and summer soon to come, now is the best time to get on your bike and do a bit of cycling.  ‘But where to?’, you may be asking. Well, we’ve listed our top ten places to cycleto – and of course, eat lunch.


1 Thorpeness

Many of you may know this beautiful location as were you spent most of your childhood days, sat in kayaks or canoes, with row boats and an army of swans lingering nearby. This is the perfect setting for a country ride, with tea rooms and Southwold not too far down the road.


2 Rendlesham Forest

With The Tang Trail and The F.I.D.O Trail, you can take your pick of the distance you’re willing to go through the forest. The Tang Trail is roughly a 6-mile cycle, with a shortcut which can enable you to half your ride – just in case you’re really not feeling it. Or, you can take the longer, F.I.D.O Trail, which is almost 10-miles long and will take you from road, to gravel, to sand and through grass. From giant wooden bunnies, to an afternoon spent den building, this is a great place to go with family.


3 Thetford Forest

Thetford Forest is so much larger than Rendlesham, with lots of walks and tracks for cycling, this idyllic forest has a lot to offer. And, if you’re looking to stay overnight, you can even camp.


4 Aldeburgh

Do you want to know what I think about when I hear this town’s name? Fish and Chips.

This seaside location is perfect for those long cycles. The sea breeze on a warm summer’s afternoon, well that just sounds darn near perfect, and when the day is done, you can pop into town and nab yourself some (very delicious might I just say), fish and chips, but except to queue, as this is a popular dining experience.


5 Dedham

If you enjoy venturing into small countryside towns and villages, this is the ideal place to go cycling. With local pubs and a picturesque setting, you’ll find it hard not to buy a house there – yes, I really do like it there that much. If you’d like to know more about Dedham, check out Essex Life’s article – click me!


6 Mersea IslandMatter Clothing - Matter Clothing’s Top 10 Best Cycling Routes in East Anglia - Mersea Island

If you’re travelling to Mersea Island, be careful not to get caught out by the tide – this hidden beauty can cut off vehicles at certain times of the day. But once you’re there, it really is worth the trip. With a little seaside village and West Mersea Oyster Bar, this island has something for everyone.


7 Felixstowe

This is a great place to go cycling. With parking galore, you’re bound to find somewhere to hitch up. It offers a selection of cyclingroutes. You can either go along the seafront, past the pier to Languard Fort, or you can go from Felixstowe to Old Felixstowe, or Trimley, or Kirton. And if you’re feeling really brave, from Felixstowe to Ipswich (and vice versa). The options really are endless!


8 Needham Lake

Not too far from Ipswich, Needham Lake is great for that morning cycle– especially when the car boot is on! With a walking and cyclingroute which takes you around the lake, this location is scenic but also exasperating – you’ll find yourself cyclingon paths to then cyclingon grass, so make sure you bring some water.


9 Alton Water

Alton Water is full of activities, you can pretty much do anything here from walking, to windsurfing or rowing. It has a range of terrain. You can cycleoff road and into miniature woodlands, and then onto roads and across bridges.


10 Cromer Sea Front

Cycling along this seafront can be quite the day – with hills and lots of tourist attractions, Cromer Sea Front sees it’s far share of cyclists who are searching for a challenge. But if this isn’t challenging enough, there is also a lighthouse trail which you can either walk, or cycle – but take my advice, bring some water or food, it’s bloody knackering.

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Matter Clothing - Does Confidence Matter to You?


We all know the feeling – waking up early and heading to the gym before work, only to find it jam packed with fitness fanatics and a display of physiques like you’ve only ever dreamt of. This rickety lack of self-confidence all too often obstructs us from reaching our goals and aspirations. Here, we’ll speak about how confidence is indeed everything, whether you’re taking part in sport, or just going about everyday life.

Matter Clothing - Does Confidence Matter to You?
Build a plan that is both challenging SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) – and if your plan is too easy, try and toughen it up a little. This is just one of many steps which can be introduced to increase your confidence and up that shining self-belief.



Let’s start from the top – the clothes we wear.

The clothes we wear both help express ourselves, but also are a big part in building up that puddle of self-confidence. If you’re not comfortable from square one, you’re bound to feel insecure and wish you’d really not worn that ripped tank top or that you’d put on those quirky tracksuit bottoms. Find something that makes you, you, and go with it.


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We’re not saying that you have to be fit and healthy to be confident! While most of us (including us), could give up everything for a slice of pizza right now, you shouldn’t be ashamed – you should own it.

Having strict meal plans and never-ending, soul-destroying and heart-wrenching diets only forces us to feel guilty and even less confident when we fail them, and quite a lot of them don’t even work anyway! The best way to tackle this is to slowly remove the rubbish from our diets. So, those daily pastries you love so much? Maybe reduce them to two a week.

“Confidence isn’t something which you can gain instantly, it’s something which is built up over time.” George Yapp explains. “If this is something which you’ve struggled with, try and start with the little things like finding clothes which you’re comfortable in, to trying something new like surfing or skate boarding. Quite often, once you find that you’re quite capable of adapting to new skills, you’ll feel that little confidence boost in yourself”.

How do you go about building confidence? Let us know!

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