We’ve kicked off 2019 with our eco-friendly t-shirt collection. With more and more businesses such as McDonald’s and Google1 making positive changes for the environment, maybe it’s something we all need to begin to think about when it comes to buying.

Naturally silky, anti-static bamboo. Recycled pre-consumer organic cotton. The two come together to form our men’s and women’s eco-friendly t-shirts.

Our men’s bamboo t-shirts deliver the unexpected. Its silky and soft touch goes against the norm, shunting the rough expectation some might have for the material.

Light and breathable – we take the weight off your shoulders as you take the first steps in your sporting adventure.

Made from 60% recycled pre-consumer cotton organically grown and 40% recycled post-consumer polyester, our women’s recycled t-shirts are pinning down preconceptions of organic clothing and pushing up your confidence in eco-friendly t-shirts.

Discovery starts from within – see our full eco collection:

 Men’s eco-friendly t-shirt collection | Women’s eco-friendly t-shirt collection

1: https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/top-companies-that-are-going-green.php