Matter Clothing - Why Skateboarding is Good for Your Health


Other than being an extreme sport which is great at keeping you exercised and socialised, skateboarding has a whole other can of health benefits just waiting to be unlocked…

FLEXIBILITY – Flexible ankles and a nimble body are the key ingredients when it comes to skateboarding. The more tense and inflexible you are, the more difficult it will be to learn how to skate. But as it is with everything, you’ll never get any better if you don’t give it a chance.

WORKOUT – When skating, you’re moving your whole body. Your feet and legs to are used to move and your arms to balance, whilst your body in turn, twists. The average person will burn between 150-500 calories per hour (according to ReSYNC Your Life: 28 Days to a Stronger, Leaner, Smarter, Happier You by Samir Becic). Not only will you be sweating, you’ll also be increasing your levels of endurance.

STRESS RELIEF – Skateboarding doesn’t exclusively decrease stress levels, pretty much any and all forms of physical activity can achieve this. For some, skating is an opportunity to take their mind off of other things. Not only can skateboarding help tackle stress, it can also affect your overall health. As with all exercise, you can help negate the risk of health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure.

PATIENCE, PRACTICE AND CONSEQUENCES – We’ve all seen the videos, the ones where someone attempts a really cool trick, but ultimately ends up regretting it. Well, skateboarding teaches you patience and eventually you learn how to calculate risks better. You’ll try that trick you’ve gotten hyped over and don’t land it, so you try again. This time, you’ll make minor adjustments to your foot positioning and speed. Failing that, you’ll start teaching yourself how to fall properly and build up your pain tolerance.

If you’re looking to try out a new skill, we highly recommend you give skateboarding a try. It’s not only physically good but will also help the mind and soul.

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matter clothing - freetime work and fitness


We’ve all felt the struggle – juggling work, our free time and then our overall fitness, too. Sometimes it can be hard, both mentally and physically, to keep up with everything, and all too often our general fitness, health and wellbeing can take a huge hit.

What’s important to keep in mind is that work is work, and therefore it should be left behind when you clock off. Taking your work home with you not only impacts what time you have for others, but can also put you in a darn horrible mood (trust me, we know!). It leaves you in an unescapable cycle, which quite frankly can always be tackled tomorrow.

Your free time is for you to chill, relax and de-stress. If you want to go out with friends, do it. If you want to catch a movie, why the heck not? Just don’t let your work and strict gym schedule get in the way – after all, everyone needs a little ‘me time’.

Although your free time is important, we recommend you try to get your physical fitness up too, whether it’s a walk round the park with the dog, a session at the gym or maybe even a dance lesson or two. We’re not saying you have to sacrifice your free time to keep your fitness up; just try to keep yourself active at least once a week (if you can do more, then great!). Keeping your fitness up not only reduces stress and anxiety, but also increases your motivation and sense of accomplishment.

Just take little snippets at a time and make your work out sessions work around you. There’s no point in overly stressing yourself because you’ve got plans up to your ears, and then after these are finally out of the way, you’ve got to go to the gym. Oh, heck no – nobody likes a ball of stress. Just find what works well for you and go for it.

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Matter Clothing - Does Confidence Matter to You?


We all know the feeling – waking up early and heading to the gym before work, only to find it jam packed with fitness fanatics and a display of physiques like you’ve only ever dreamt of. This rickety lack of self-confidence all too often obstructs us from reaching our goals and aspirations. Here, we’ll speak about how confidence is indeed everything, whether you’re taking part in sport, or just going about everyday life.

Matter Clothing - Does Confidence Matter to You?
Build a plan that is both challenging SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) – and if your plan is too easy, try and toughen it up a little. This is just one of many steps which can be introduced to increase your confidence and up that shining self-belief.



Let’s start from the top – the clothes we wear.

The clothes we wear both help express ourselves, but also are a big part in building up that puddle of self-confidence. If you’re not comfortable from square one, you’re bound to feel insecure and wish you’d really not worn that ripped tank top or that you’d put on those quirky tracksuit bottoms. Find something that makes you, you, and go with it.


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We’re not saying that you have to be fit and healthy to be confident! While most of us (including us), could give up everything for a slice of pizza right now, you shouldn’t be ashamed – you should own it.

Having strict meal plans and never-ending, soul-destroying and heart-wrenching diets only forces us to feel guilty and even less confident when we fail them, and quite a lot of them don’t even work anyway! The best way to tackle this is to slowly remove the rubbish from our diets. So, those daily pastries you love so much? Maybe reduce them to two a week.

“Confidence isn’t something which you can gain instantly, it’s something which is built up over time.” George Yapp explains. “If this is something which you’ve struggled with, try and start with the little things like finding clothes which you’re comfortable in, to trying something new like surfing or skate boarding. Quite often, once you find that you’re quite capable of adapting to new skills, you’ll feel that little confidence boost in yourself”.

How do you go about building confidence? Let us know!

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