Taboo aside, mental health is a f*cker. It can affect anyone, any age, and any gender, it has no bounds. Whilst there is help out there available, it’s just as important to make people aware that what they do, can make all the difference.

1. Make time for yourself

We live in a busy world, with busy lifestyles. But it’s important that everyone has some down time now and again. Shield this time and use it for your own selfish gain – without guilt! Whether you want to try drawing, yoga or even just put your feet up for a few hours, block out this time where there are no distractions, where you can settle down and chill. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you get done, having this ‘me time’ can significantly help with your mental health.

2. Keeping yourself active

Boosting self-esteem, concentration and sleep, exercise is a great way to make a start on the offence with mental health. Exercise comes in many forms, this doesn’t need to be the typical gym-going type, this could just be gardening, taking a walk or even just nipping into town.




3. We are what we eat


Focusing on eating well and changing our diets could be just the ticket we need to start getting on track for better mental health. According to Stranges, S., Samaraweera, a well-balanced diet rich in vegies and nutrients could be responsible for feeling good. So, what types of food help with wellbeing:

  • Variation of fruit and vegetables
  • Wholegrain cereals or bread
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dairy
  • Oily fish
  • Plenty of water

(According to the Mental Health Foundation website – take a read through some of their publications).


4. Having a chat


This one may sound odd to some, but have you ever felt out of touch or even distant from friends or family? Take some time out to have a chat with them. Supportive friends and family around us can often help when dealing with mental health, talking to someone also can take that weight off.


5. Take a step back – take a break


Sometimes we all need to take a break, a step out and a change of pace can often help with mental health. If you’re feeling tired, give yourself some time to sleep, relax or even just breathe.